Retouch Both JPEGs and RAWs

Dear photographer friends,

Our autumn update to Zoner Photo Studio X brought you a non-destructive retouching brush. We’re proud of it, because you won’t find a more sophisticated tool anywhere else.

You’ll find the new retouching brush in the Develop module, and so you can use it to retouch pictures of all kinds, including RAW images. The brush automatically analyzes the spot you’re fixing and finds a good place to base its repairs on. Use it to fix skin defects or remove distracting elements from a photo (small objects, traces of dust, etc.).

You can divide up your retouching work into several masks (sections), hide or show these masks whenever you need, and make multiple brush strokes in each one of them. This combination is unique worldwide. Just like with the other non-destructive edits, you can go back to your retouching edits at any time and change them or delete them without affecting your original image.

If you own a drawing tablet, you’ll definitely be pleased to see that the retouching brush now also responds perfectly to drawing-tablet pressure and offers the world’s widest selection of pressure settings (radius, density, blurring, and any combination of these).

If you haven’t tried out the new features yet, test ZPS X free for 30 days by downloading it from our website.

Or you can just immediately join the thousands of photographers who now edit photos using the new retouching brush, and pick up Zoner Photo Studio XSingup now


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